Principal's Message


 Truman Elementary School serves grades K-5 in Sweetwater County School District #2. Our mission is to challenge each student to reach his full potential and to be well prepared for success in the 21st century. We know that maintaining an environment where students feel safe and respected is essential if we are going to meet this goal. Therefore, we do everything we can to create a positive environment where every child is expected to Be Kind, to Be Respectful, and to Be Responsible. We teach our students specific behavior expectations that show them how to be respectful, kind and responsible in certain areas of the school such as: classroom, lunchroom, bathroom, hallway, playground, and assemblies. We also have a "zero tolerance" policy for bullying, and we will continue to implement our anti-bullying program. Please feel free to call me if issues arise. Early parent and student input is so important to help us maintain a positive and safe climate for Truman students. 

David Asselmeier
Truman Elementary School Principal


Staff will provide each student with a safe, supportive learning environment, committed to partnership where school and family collaborate to ensure that students develop their academic and social skills to their fullest potential.


Truman Elementary’s vision is to collaboratively build a strong foundation of learning for student achievement.


Truman Elementary School
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