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Hello Truman Families!,

What a crazy last few months! We are excited to welcome students and teachers back into the classrooms for school to begin in person on August 19th. These past several months have been challenging for many of us and we can’t wait to get back to some version of normal. Our goal here is to offer students a safe place where they can learn at a high level. We are working within the guidelines set forth by the state of Wyoming to create a plan that will allow us to weather the storm and keep children and teachers at school as much as possible. This will take effort on all our parts to follow the requirements for personal protective equipment. The specific plan for what school will look like will be coming out soon. I understand that some of the requirements are not ideal and this is not anyone’s first choice of how school should look. We are, however, committed to following the Green River School District’s Smart Start Plan to ensure everyone’s health and safety and still allow children to be children. Thank you all for your help and understanding, and we can’t wait to see your students soon!

School Profile

Truman Elementary School serves grades K-5 in Sweetwater County School District #2. Our mission is to challenge each student to reach their full potential and to be well prepared for success in the 21st century.
Our staff recognizes that teaching our students social skills as well as academic skills is crucial to their future personal success. As a result, Truman Elementary uses the Positive Behavior Incentive Program (PBIS) as well as the Second Step Social Skills programs to specifically teach our students how to interact with others in a constructive manner and to develop pride in themselves.
These two programs help our staff teach students within a positive environment where every child is expected to Be Kind, to Be Respectful, and to Be Responsible. We teach our students specific behavior expectations that show them how to be respectful, kind and responsible in certain areas of the school such as: classroom, lunchroom, bathroom, hallway, playground, and assemblies. We also have a "zero tolerance" policy for bullying and we will continue to implement our anti-bullying program. Please feel free to call me if issues arise. Early parent and student input is so important to helping us maintain a positive and safe climate for Truman students.
Truman Mission Statement
The mission of Truman Elementary School is for the staff to provide each student with a safe, supportive learning environment committed to partnership where school and family collaborate to ensure that students develop their academic and social skills to their fullest potential.
Truman Vision Statement
Truman Elementary's vision is to collaboratively build a strong foundation of learning for student achievement.