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Counselor Update

Welcome to Truman! Each year at the beginning of the year I teach the whole school about a variety of topics including school wide expectations, how to handle bullying and bothering, how to solve a peer conflict, and the difference between tattling and telling. I also am available to help students learn social skills, peer interaction skills, and deal with emotional issues. Please feel free to call or stop by anytime!

Recent Posts

Welcome to 2019-20 School Year

Welcome to the new school year! As always we will begin the school year with all-school trainings on expectations in different areas of the school such as the hallway, the cafeteria, and the playground. I also will be doing my annual lessons to all students on topics such as bullying vs. bothering and conflict resolution. This year I will also be adding some new lessons to help students with managing stress and their emotions.
I am available to help students who are struggling with behavior, emotional issues, family problems, and other issues. Feel free to call or stop in anytime, and I can explain how I can possibly help.

The Bridge Conflict Resolution Tool

Each year we teach students the conflict resolution tool called, The Bridge. We have the colors painted on the playground. I also use this tool when I help students with conflicts. Feel free to use this at home--it is a simple yet effective approach to working out conflicts!