After re-evaluating this last week my highest number of meals being served is at Truman, they are hitting approximately 800 meals a day. Monroe and Washington are serving around 350. That being said I am leaving Truman's hours the same 8:00 to 12:30, but I am decreasing the hours at Monroe and Truman. I have read the Governor's statement on the closure of public spaces and we have moved all meals to the front of all the doors so we will not have anyone in the buildings except the ladies who will be handing meals out the doors.

That being said I am changing the hours of operation to the following:

Truman 8:00-12:30-NO CHANGE
Monroe 8:00-10:00
Washington 11:00-12:30
Harrison 10:00-11:00
Jamestown 10:30-11:00

Thank you, for your support!

Thank You,
Leah Kenison
Nutrition Services Director